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How do I change my trading name in PAM?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Q. How do I change my trading name in PAM?

A. Before we can send registration numbers out to clients, we need to have a copy of the PAM registration form faxed or emailed to us with the correct trading name details on it.
From time to time, we have clients who have either:

->Changed their trading name details and need to re-register their program; or

->Clients with a demo of PAM have entered a temporary trading name (eg "TESTING") whilst evaluating the program and have then have decided they wish to register the program and need to re-type their true trading name.

To change your trading name details in PAM, follow these steps:

->Start PAM;
->Click the Help menu;
->Select About;
->Click the Users Details button;
->Re-type your trading name details (Please fill in every field);
->Click the Save button;
->Close PAM;
->Re-start PAM;
->Print a new Registration Form; and
->Fax it to Fairport Technologies on 08 9367 5823 or email to

We will generate a new serial number for you and fax/email it back to you as soon as possible. In most cases we will fax your number back to you immediately but some days we get extremely busy, so please allow up to four hours to receive your new serial number.

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