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How do I install an additional PAM module e.g. Mapping, IAR?
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Q. How do I install an additional PAM module e.g. Mapping, IAR?

A. Depending on your installation method there may be different files that are needed to give the options that you may need for the module add on.

If you are installing from the CD you will not need to worry about which of the install files you need as you are prompted in the initial installation screen.

If you are installing from an internet download, you will have to be sure that you have the right download.. eg: you will not be able to install the mapping module if you have downloaded the PAM install only (you have to download the PAM with Mapping install file).

Download Includes
PAM PAM, Network, IAR, MultiClient
PAM Mapping PAM, Network, IAR, MultiClient, Mapping
PAM Mapping, Precision Mapping PAM, Netwok, IAR, MultiClient, Mapping, Precision Mapping

UltraCrop will have one added install feature - 'Vit Specific' which is included in all UltraCrop installs

When you know that you have the correct installation file for you needs (if downloaded), run the file by double clicking on it (or select the install from the menu, if from the CD).

You will be prompted for the available install features during the installation process.

If you are installing PAM with Mapping and have the PAM with Mapping installation, you will not need to select the Mapping as a feature as that will automatically be installed because of installation file choice.

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