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How do I unlock my program?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Q. How do I unlock my program?

A. When you start your PAM software for either the first time or after reinstalling it the process is the same.

After you have entered in all your trading details you will see a screen that gives you the option to "Continue", "Print Rego Form", or " Register". If you wish to run PAM as a demo version go to continue otherwise we recommend that you go to "Print rego form". This will print off a registration form with all your trading details and program details that are needed to get an unlock number for your program.

This form is to be faxed to Fairport Technologies on 08 9367 5823 or emailed to and we will organise an unlock number for you and fax/email back the form.

**Please not that this number can only be used once. Your serial number will change if you reformat your hard disk or install on another computer or change your trading name**

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