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How to move PAM to a new computer.
Last Updated 6 years ago

Q. How to move PAM to a new computer.

A. You may need to do this when you either buy a new computer and are getting rid of your old one or when you are setting a second site license machine so more than one person can access your data.

The steps:

1. Install your PAM version on the new computer and register it by faxing us the printed registration form and circle "Re-registration".

2. Make a floppy disk back up of your PAM Data on the old computer and restore the data on your new computer. Often people have found that their back up floppy disks are corrupted… so it's a very good idea to test a restore before getting rid of your old computer. Corrupted floppy disks will report an error "I/O Error 21" or "I/O Error 30" or similar.

3. If you are running PAM with Mapping or FarmStar, do the same as step 2 but for your Mapping Database.


PAM Mapping does not back up your Aerial Photos or other images (yield maps etc). For these you must make other arrangements.
One way to do this is to use the Back up facility that comes with your Windows. Find this on the Programs / Accessories / System Tools menu.
It is relatively easy to use.

For other data (eg. Precision Farming yield data for FarmStar users) you must also back it up & restore it using a system other than PAM.

For both images and precision farming data you must ensure that the folder (directory) structure on your new computer matches that on your old computer as PAM's Mapping database relies on these files being in the same place.

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