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How to upgrade via web site.
Last Updated 6 years ago

Q. How to upgrade via web site.

A. To install the upgrade of your Fairport software,

-> visit the Fairport web site at upgrades centre
-> select the upgrade that matches your Fairport installation

You will need to 'select download file to local hard drive' (or something to that effect) after you select the upgrade, please take note as to where you save the download to on your hard drive

Once the download has finished, you will need to navigate your way to that file (on your hard drive) and 'double click' on it to run the install.... at this point, you will be asked for a password (send your demo password request)

The upgrade WILL NOT damage any of your existing data, nor will it need an new unlock code (if you currently have a registered copy of a Fairport product).

You now have the latest version of your favourite Fairport Technologies software.

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