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Installing different versions of PAM on one computer.
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Q. Installing different versions of PAM on one computer.

A. I have PAM with mapping installed and would like to install a demo of Farmstar with all Precision Ag features for a look and a tinker.
I tried installing from the setup disk but it wanted to overwrite my existing PAM. How can I do this without disrupting my existing PAM setup.

It's a bit of a fiddle but it can be done:
You must be able to get into Window Explorer and rename folders.
Rename a folder by clicking on it to Highlight it... Then Press the F2 key... edit the name ... Press to save the changes.

If you can handle this then here's how it goes:

1) In Windows Explorer rename the PAM folder to PAMNormal.

2) Install your other version that you want to have a look at. (By default it will create a new PAM folder and install itself into there).

3) Run the new PAM demo... enter your trading name etc as ususal... Now you will have 20 run times with this demo.

4) Any time you want to enter data into your "Real" PAM... go to Windows Explorer and rename the PAM Folder to PAMDemo and the PAMNormal folder to PAM...

5) Now when you click on the PAM icon you'll run your Normal PAM

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