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Annual Crop Summary Report Discrepancies Display
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Q. Annual Crop Summary Report Discrepancies Display

A. At present this figure represents the difference between the totals calculated from the report and the stored totals for a given Crop/Season. The stored totals can be found under the "Tools" / "Season Costs" menu option in the "Paddock - Season View".

These discrepancies can be due to...

1. Older versions of PAM, which did not update some of your records correctly. For example, you changed the area of a Paddock, or a crop.

2. A Consumable has not been allocated a Chemical Type eg. Herbicide

3. If you have assigned a job to be allocated to the paddock only via the "Manually Apportion job costs" menu option under the "Tools" / "Season Costs" menu option in the "Paddock - Season View" ('@' cropcode).

If you are seeing this discrepancy display on the report then it will be necessary to do some data investigation in order to locate where the problem lies.

Please read the following instructions entirely before proceeding.

Firstly, either run the "Utilities" / "Database Maintenance" / "Update Paddock and Crop financials" menu option,
or, the "Rebuild Current Paddock Financials" menu option from the "Tools" menu in the "Paddock - Season View" screen.

The "Update Paddock and Crop financials" utility will recalculate all costs and income for all paddocks for all seasons, where the "Rebuild Current Paddock Financials" will recalculate for just the Paddock/Season you have selected.

Then check / re-generate the report again, if there is still a discrepancy showing then it will be necessary to find out exactly in which activities these discrepancies occur.

** Please note PAM QA Plus v3.0.9 will recalculate your machinery and manual task costs when running either of these two procedures and accounts for 90% of the problem.

There are a number of different procedures, depending on where the discrepancy lies, so it is advisable to contact the technical support department at Fairport for further instruction.

If you wish to go looking yourself, then one of the procedures is as follows..

Note : If you have v3.0.7 of PAM or later...
Then on the Report Selection Screen press Ctrl+Shift+1 and generate the report, PAM will write a log file of all the discrepancies into a file called ACSResults.txt This text file simply lists any Crops which have a discrepancy, and you can use this to print the report with just the these items.

Print the Annual Crop Summary Report (or make note of all amounts for each section).
Then make a note of all the amounts in the "Season Costs" summary form for that Crop/Season.
The sum of the amounts should match, but if not then it is a question of which records are out.

Eg. If the sum of the "Contract", "Labour" and "Machinery" values in the Season Summary Costs screen doesn't match the reports Machinery + Manual Tasks amounts.

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