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How Does PAM Deal With Water Use Efficiency and Potential Yield
Last Updated 4 years ago

Firstly in PAM QA Plus, we have carried forward from the PAM 2, PAM 3 & PAM 2000+ programs the original growing season rainfall/potential yield system.
We know that this system is not suited to anyone but dryland cropping farmers in the southern half (or quarter) of Australia.
The Potential Yield is calculated as you enter Rainfall records for the year.

You need to have PAM setup with –
  • 1 Water Use Efficiency turned on in Configuration, Customise your PAM, Cropping TAB
  • 2 Crop Setup – Growing season Information
  • 3 Rainfall Stations (Gauges) allocated to Paddocks

You will then get Potential Yields showing as you go through the season.

Break Evan Yield requires a Harvest Record to be entered so there is a number of Tonnes & a Price. A break even Yield can then be calculated.
You could enter a “Dummy” Harvest record if you wanted

The WUE and potential yield results can be found on the Annual Crop Summary report, the Crop Graphs and the Water Use Efficiency reports.

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