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SQL Server Backup / Restore Trouble shooting
Last Updated 2 years ago

SQL Server (the database engine underneath PAM8, PAM MTE & PAM Enterprise) has it's own backup / restore system. We are using that. It is a little fussy about writing backup files to places (Disks, Folders) that it doesn't 'like'.

To work around that, we write the backup file to a temporary folder first, then copy it to your chosen destination. In some cases, even our temporary folder may not be a 'liked' folder.

As of PAM version 8.4.4 we are using a special folder on your PAM computer to act as our temporary folder.
If this arrangement still causes issues on your computer, here's how to rectify that...

In order for automatic backups to work properly with a SQL Server database, you must modify the permissions on the folder where the backups will be placed. By default this folder is in My Documents/Fairport and is called BackupRestore. This tutorial shows how to set the permissions on that folder. If you choose to store your backups in another folder, then perform this same procedure on that folder.

To modify the SQL Backup folder permissions:

Open the "My Documents" folder in Windows. You may see a folder called "Fairport" ...
If you don't see it, create it from the menu using File|New|Folder. Make sure it is called "Fairport". Now ...
  1. Right click the Fairport folder and select Properties.
  2. On the Properties page, select the Security tab.
  3. Click the Edit button to bring up the Permissions forFairport window
  4. Now click the Add button to display the Select Users or Groups window
  5. In the "Enter the object names to select" box, enter "Everyone" and then click OK.
  6. You will be returned to the Properties window. Make sure Everyone is selected in the Group or user names: box and then click Modify in the Permissions box. Click OK when finished, and SQL Server will have the proper permissions to save your backups


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