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PAM 8 & Pocket PAM2 transfer to a new computer
Last Updated 4 years ago

The steps you need to take are

  1. Backup the PAM 8 on your old PC
  2. Log into the Fairport website and download the PAM Database & PAM 8 program (and Pocket PAM2 Listener if required)
  3. Install the PAMDatabase
  4. Install PAM 8 (make sure you only tick the module you had installed on the old PC)
  5. Start PAM and register it, you will need to contact Fairport.
  6. Restore the backup from the old PC
  7. Install Pocket PAM2 Listener (and web service if you have an Android)
  8. Contact Fairport to help set up the Pocket PAM2 syncing.

Please contact us if you need any assistance or 1800 500 195.

You can Download Fairport Farm Software from our website as you are a current Fairport Club Member.

Here is the link to download the software

When this screen come up –
Enter your email address and your FCM number – XXXXXXXX
(you can do this to download updates at a later date too)
Select Download Software Complete Program
Then go to the New Installation of PAM 8 Download Page (you can also download Pocket PAM Listener Software if required)

PAM 8 Download Page
NOTE: Most new PC's are 64 Bit operating system
If the PAM Database installation fails in Windows 8 & 10. You may just need to restart your PC and try again as SQL installation often requires this.


  • We Recommend for Windows 7, 8 or 10 -Turn Off Virus Software and Right Click on installation file that was Downloaded and “Run as Administrator”
  • Make sure you only install the same modules as you had before (unless you have purchased more)
  • If installing to a new computer you will need an unlock code.

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