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I added a Manual Task but it does not show on my pick list - Allocating Manual Tasks to Business Units
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n PAM SaaS Manual Tasks are either Shared or Local.
Shared manual tasks can be seen by any business unit, however, if a business unit does not use that manual task, they can hide it from view.

In PAM SaaS the option to “Allow Entry of Local Manual Tasks” is switched on, Non-Administrator users may add their own manual tasks. These manual tasks will be “local” by default. They are automatically added to the current Business Unit. If an Administrator adds a Manual Task they will have the choice of making it a Shared or Local (Non-Shared) machine.

Local Manual Task is the recommended way to set them up if you only have one Business Unit.
Local Manual Tasks willhave an [L] next to the name on the list.

Allocating a Shared Item to a Business Unit
On the Main screen you can see a list of Manual Tasks that are allocated to the Business Unit by using the Tick box - Show Business Unit's Items Only to filter the list.
You can also see if a Manual Task is Shared or Local

If you click on the Maintain Manual Tasks for the current Business Unit you can allocate Shared Manual Tasks to the current Business Unit.
Move Manual Tasks from the left Master Manual Tasks List to the right Chosen Manual Tasks list
The Tick box also allows you to make them non current for this Business Unit without removing them. This is so they still appear in reports.

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