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I added a new Staff Member or Contact but they do not show on my pick list - Allocating Contacts to Business Units
Last Updated 3 years ago

In PAM SaaS you can have multiple Business Units so you need to allocate which Contacts are available for each Business Unit as they can be shared across all Business Units.

Allocating a Contact to a Business Unit
On the Main screen you can see a form or list of Contacts
You can also see who are allocated to the Business Unit by using the Tick box - Restrict List to current Business Unit ? to filter the list.

If you click on the Maintain Contacts for the current Business Unit you can allocate Contacts to the current Business Unit.
Move Contacts from the left Available Contacts list to the right Selected Contacts list
The Tick box also allows you to make them non current for this Business Unit without removing them. This is so they still appear in reports.


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