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How Do I Record the Planting of More Than One Crop in a Paddock in PAM?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Example: If you have a paddock that is sown half to wheat and half to barley the steps to enter this data are:

Use the Add button in the Paddock Activities Diary and select Seeding / Planting, enter date, season etc.

Click Next... select the Uncropped Area you are planting and in the grid below the pick-list enter the cropped area for the first crop (say the barley).

Click Next... select the barley (crop/variety), enter the sowing rate etc.NOTE the Main Crop Tick
When all the details (fertiliser, machinery etc) for the barley has been entered... click Finish.

Now to the wheat…
Follow the above steps to enter the wheat crop in the same paddock.
Note: the Area is now only the remainder of the paddock that has not been cropped already


You will end up with 2 Crops in the Paddock

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