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How Do I Handle Chicken Manure Bought and Applied by the Cubic Metre?
Last Updated 5 years ago

There areĀ 2 Steps - Step 1 required for the Fertiliser set up, Step 2 if Inventory is being used

Step 1

1. Create a User Defined Unit - Configuration / Units of Measure & Package Sizes / User Defined Units
2. Call it M3 Chicken Manure, Type = Mass, 1000000 Grams (could be the average weight / M3, doesn't matter if you are applying in M3)
3. Set up a Fertiliser - Configuration / Consumables List / Fertilisers
4. Call it Chicken Manure with Purchase and Application Units as "M3 Chicken Manure"

You can then enter the application of Chicken Manure the same way as a normal Fertiliser.

Step 2 - For Inventory

1. Create a custom package - Configuration / Units of Measure & Package Sizes / Inventory Package Names
2. Add a package name called "Chicken Manure M3", this package would have a Unit of 1 "M3 Chicken Manure" (set up previously)
3. Add the purchase into the inventory of consumables using the new package unit
4. Now when you add the Chicken Manure application, you will have the correct amount of the product in stock and you will be able to use the M3 unit as the unit applied for the application.

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