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How Do I Use a Liquid Fertiliser That Is Invoiced To Me By The Ton?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Some users have asked how do I organise the purchase and application of a liquid fertiliser (eg: FlexiN, BigN etc...) that is purchased as a solid, but applied as a liquid, here is how to:

1. Create a custom package:
Configuration / Units of Measure & Package Sizes / Inventory Package Names
Add a package name called '1TonneFlexiN', this package would have a Unit of litres and a quantity of how many litres of the product you get for the invoiced price of a ton eg: 1270

2. Add the purchase into the inventory of consumables using the new package unit
eg: You purchase 1 x 1TonneFlexiN of FlexiN

3. Now when you add the Flexi N application, you will have the correct amount of the product in stock and you will be able to use the litres unit as the unit applied for the application.

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