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How do I create paddock names?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Q. How do I create paddock names?

A. In the demo map we created a layer called Paddock Names for our paddock names. You could use that layer (if you haven't deleted it!) if you want to… or you could create another layer called "All labels" and add the names of all your map objects to that layer… or you could add the paddock names directly on to the Paddocks layer. Remember though that all objects on a layer are "ON" together.

To add more labels, use Drawing tool bar…Click on the "Create New Object" button … then click on the Text button.

You can then add labels by clicking on the map on the spot where you want to add the text… type the text into the dialog that pops up.

Change the style of the text if you want to by clicking on the "Pick Font" button. We recommend you use a font size of 150 metres or more depending on the overall scale of your map.

You can set text styles in advance by clicking on the "Style" button on the drawing tool bar.

See Video s Drawing Tools Part 1 and Drawing Tools Part 2

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