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How Do I Split 1 Paddock Into 2
Last Updated 4 years ago

From the Configuration menu, Select Farms & Paddocks List;
Select the Old Paddock;
Select the General Details TAB and deselect 'Include in current paddock list', also supply the date that the paddock was retired ; this is probably best done between crop dates (though you can copy records from one paddock to another or edit the record and change the Area (paddock) if you need to move records from the old to one of the new paddocks).


Create the 2 new paddocks as normal.

If you want to keep the name you used for the original paddocks ("Fred's") as one of the names for the new sections ... Rename the old paddock to "Fred's Old" ... Use Tools / Paddocks / Edit

The Retired Paddock will still appear on the Reports list but not on Data Entry lists.

How do I handle this in the mapping section?

We suggest you do this:
Create a new Layer (in your Layer Manager) call it "Old Paddocks";
Select the paddocks that are becoming redundant & Using "Tools" / Map objects & Other Utilities "Move object to another layer" … move them one at a time (if there's more than one you can Multi select by holding down the SHIFT key & clicking) to the "Old Paddocks" layer;


Now on your map … draw the new paddocks polygons & do the map link to the New Paddock in the Database.

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