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  1. 3 farms ... One of which is run by the owner ... 2 remotes ...How to set this up?
  2. Access violations, PAM has caused an illegal ....
  3. Annual Crop Summary Report Discrepancies Display
  4. Annual Paddock Summary Report Discrepancies display
  5. Can I Change a Paddock Name?
  6. Can I change the background colour of all objects on a layer at the same time?
  7. Can I use Viticulture only if running Apples & Grapes?
  8. Confusion when reading the Offspring Percentages report.
  9. Does reinstalling PAM overwrite the data?
  10. How Can I Allocate the Cost of a Job to a Paddock and Not Any Crops?
  11. How Do I Add Harvested Produce To The Inventory Of Consumables For Stock Feed or Crop Seed?
  12. How Do I Add Harvested Produce to the Inventory of Consumables for Supplementary Feeding?
  13. How do I assign map symbols to existing mobs for use in the PAM Mapping system?
  14. How do I change my trading name in PAM?
  15. How do I convert from Decimal degrees to Degrees Minutes and Seconds?
  16. How do I create paddock names?
  17. How do I edit Waypoint Names?
  18. How do I get rid of a mob and all of its records?
  19. How Do I Get The Break Even Yield Figure in the Season Summary Screen?
  20. How Do I Handle Chicken Manure Bought and Applied by the Cubic Metre?
  21. How do I import and geolocate a bitmap image?
  22. How do I install an additional PAM module e.g. Mapping, IAR?
  23. How do I make my image backgrounds transparent?
  24. How Do I Merge 2 Paddocks Into 1?
  25. How Do I Record the Planting of More Than One Crop in a Paddock in PAM?
  26. How do I retrieve what my livestock tallies were at a particular date (i.e. End of Year)?
  27. How Do I Split 1 Paddock Into 2
  28. How do I unlock my program?
  29. How Do I Use a Liquid Fertiliser That Is Invoiced To Me By The Ton?
  30. How Does PAM Deal With Water Use Efficiency and Potential Yield
  31. How does the grazing days histories report calculate the average stocking rate?
  32. How to move PAM to a new computer.
  33. How to upgrade via web site.
  34. How to use a personalised logo in mapping.
  35. How to use a personalised logo on reports.
  36. I added a Machine but it does not show on my pick list - Allocating Machines to Business Units
  37. I changed the Common Name of a mob, but the new name does not show up in pick lists, Why?
  38. I entered an operation against a paddock that has a crop in it and the costs show on the Gross Margin report for that crop.
  39. I get an error when trying to print from PAM.
  40. I have restored mapping to a new computer and there are no images.
  41. I'm having trouble getting the corners of two paddocks at the top of a laneway to stop snapping together. Any ideas?
  42. I've changed the installation location of PAM and now upgrades won't work.
  43. I've got an image from my supplier, but I can't choose it for my VRT project.
  44. Images and Cross Zone troubles
  45. Import a bitmap with attached .gpm, .ers, .gbm co-ord files.
  46. Installing different versions of PAM on one computer.
  47. Installing PAM on a Network
  48. Is there a table that show's each class of animal such as growing steer, bull, pregnant cow, dry cow etc, and then their respective weights (LSU)?
  49. Is there any way I can duplicate layers?
  50. My imported image is slightly distorted. Can I correct this?
  51. My mobs don't seem to be in the right place on my map.
  52. My trail feeding times for mobs... will not show up.
  53. One of my mobs has gone missing.
  54. Our Lists Need Tidying Up. How Do We Tidy Them Up?
  55. PAM 8 & Pocket PAM2 transfer to a new computer
  56. PAM Installing a Network Workstation version with the program running from the local machine
  57. PAM Mapping vs. gpMapper
  58. Pocket PAM 2 Synchronisation Ports
  59. Short Date Format Problem
  60. Should I delete the demo farm and other maps when I install?
  61. Soil Test Reports Issue - I am only able to display 17 soil records
  62. Some Paddocks Crops don't show up for a Harvest Delivery operation.
  63. Tally Error
  64. The paddocks were in straight lines while they were being drawn in, however, when I started to zoom out, lines rotated on 5 degree angle
  65. The season selection box doesn't contain any years prior to 2003.
  66. To assist confusion about Norths in mapping
  67. Unable To Connect To Host Mail Server
  68. What Are Management Groups and What Do They Do?
  69. What coordinate types (datums) can I use to geo-reference an image?
  70. What datum type do Fairport SHP files contain?
  71. What format does my aerial photo need to be in for Fairport software?
  72. What format should I request my Yield data in?
  73. What happens if I re-install a different version of PAM?
  74. What is the difference between Arable, Grazable, Workable and Irrigated Areas when setting up a Paddock.
  75. What is the file format for Generic list of points?
  76. What is the format of the .gpm format used for images by gpMapper & PAM?
  77. What reports are available for Actuals, Plans, Recommendations & Budgets?
  78. When I report on soil test data, some of the test items won't show up.
  79. Where is my Recommendations data transfer option?
  80. Why are the Date Selector's not showing up in report generators and backdate costs screen?
  81. Why aren't all the columns of data in my Comma-Tab Delimited files accessible? ‚Äč
  82. Why Don't We Display an Area on a Harvest Delivery Record
  83. Why have my Symbols & Styles gone missing?
  84. Why won't the install screen pop up when I put the CD in the tray?

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